Our company has deep roots, born in fact from the teachings of the grandfather, tailor from the 40s, who transmitted the love for this art to children and grandchildren. Our mission is to continue to pass on the values ​​and principles of the Neapolitan sartorial tradition. We have chosen to start with the best materials, and the exclusively handmade manufacture, to allow customers to get to know our products in the best way.

We do not apply additional costs for the types of models or for specific requests from the customer, we have a base price that varies only according to the type of fabric chosen, or the type of processing required, by machine or by hand (for shirts).

We still take measurements with the METRO, on the body, we still design each pattern manually, to shape each garment according to the measures and the posture of the client.
We offer different types of workmanship for shirts, which can be machine-sewn and therefore have a lower cost, or be entirely hand-sewn with a slightly higher price.

Custom-made clothes are sewn entirely by hand, without using any machines. All our fabrics and leathers are tested and certified, and come from ITALIAN factories.

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